Zimbra MTA MyNetworks Not Working


The default zimbra postfix configuration allows relaying only for the local network, but we can configure postfix to allow relaying unconditionally for other / remote networks.

When you need ? … You are observing “Relay Access Denied” errors in the MTA log (/var/log/zimbra.log) for hosts or subnets that you trust for relaying.

Checking the your zimbra configuration
# su – zimbra
$ postconf mynetworks
mynetworks =

Allowing relaying for a remote machine

Let’s say you have a single machine on a remote network  with the IP address, and the current settings look like above, then
Add the remote machine like this:

zmprov ms zimbra.example.com zimbraMtaMyNetworks ‘’

postfix reload


You can not modify MTA Mynetworks via GUI.  Not working, although you perform restart zimbra ( zmcontrol stop & zmcontrol start ). You must to do via  CLI.

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Zimbra Problem When Add External Account

I get a problem when using a feature of zimbra, it’s Add External Account.

On display an Error message like below :

d2:CN15:mail.remotehost.co.id1:O27:Zimbra Collaboration Server2:OU27:Zimbra Collaboration Server6:accept4: true5:alias26:mail.remotehost.co.id:14327771694:fromi1432777172000e4: host15:mail.remotehost.co.id3:icn15:mail.remotehost.co.id2:io27:Zimbra Collaboration Server3:iou27:Zimbra Collaboration Server3: md532:24A35906DA9D2BB4108590C11CE7137E8:mismatch5: false1:s10:14327771694:sha140:36FE809BF30C18A0483E566677936D7EB6B287DF2: toi1590457172000eeContinue reading

Tidak Bisa Login Zimbra Admin Console

zimbra 8.6. problem setelah update path 9.  Administrator tidak dapat login ke zimbra admin console, meskipun password benar.

Pada file log zimbra , yaitu /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log , ada pesan :

SoapEngine – no valid authtoken present: cannot dispatch request


1. Ubah attributt berikut:

zmprov gacf zimbraCsrfTokenCheckEnabled
zimbraCsrfTokenCheckEnabled: TRUE

Ubah Menjadi  FALSE

zmprov mcf zimbraCsrfTokenCheckEnabled FALSE

2. Restart service mailbox

zmmailboxdctl restart