Ukuran linux Slax cukup kecil ,  kurang dari 256 MB, sehingga dapat ditaruh didalam flash disk . Instal Slax ke USB Flash sangat simple dan mudah.
Berikut step by step instal linux SLAX ke USB flash disk.
1. Format Flash disk menggunakan file system FAT.
2. Ekstrak file SLAX.tar ke flash disk. Hasilnya ada dua folder yaitu, folder boot dan slax.
3. Masuk ke folder boot. Jalankan . Muncul tampilan dibawah:

Welcome to Slax boot installer

This installer will setup disk /dev/sdc1 to boot only Slax.

Warning! Master boot record (MBR) of /dev/sdc will be overwritten.
If you use /dev/sdc to boot any existing operating system, it will not work
anymore. Only Slax will boot from this device. Be careful!

Press any key to continue, or Ctrl+C to abort…

Flushing filesystem buffers, this may take a while…
Setting up MBR on /dev/sdc…
The Master Boot Record of /dev/sdc has been updated.
Activating partition /dev/sdc1…
No partition table modifications are needed.
Updating MBR on /dev/sdc…
Setting up boot record for /dev/sdc1…
Disk /dev/sdc1 should be bootable now. Installation finished.

Read the information above and then press any key to exit..



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