Zimbra Tidak Dapat Jalan Setelah Shutdown

ZIMBRA Can’t Start After Unclean Shutdown

Langsung saja yach .. ikuti langkahnya ….

1. Login as user zimbra ( currently, as root )

root@mail:~$ su – zimbra

2. Stop zimbra services

zimbra@mail:~$ zmcomtrol stop


3. Start again zimbra

zimbra@mail:~$ zmcontrol start

Host mail.example.com
Starting ldap…Done.
Starting logger…Done.
Starting mailbox…FAILED
Starting zmmtaconfig…failed.
Starting mysqld…done.
Starting mailboxd…done.

Starting antispam…Done.
Starting antivirus…Done.
Starting snmp…Done.
Starting spell…Done.
Starting mta…FAILED
Starting zmmtaconfig…failed.
zmmtaconfigctl failed to start
Starting saslauthd…done.


The problem was that the file /opt/zimbra/log/zmmtaconfig.pid was never deleted when zimbra was shut down (though it was a 0 byte file), so zmmtaconfigctl thought it was running.

4. Remove the file zmmtaconfig.pid

zimbra@mail:~$ rm zmmtaconfig.pid

5. start again zimbra.
zimbra@mail:~$ zmcontrol start

After removing the file, zmmtaconfig started and all was well.


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